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Kuro may contain disturbing imagery and content, play at your own risks.


after a terrible incident, Kuro suffers from amnesia. A shrine appears in her head every night. Will she find the answer she seeks there?


[WASD] Walk
[TAB] Inventory
[Space] Interact/Continue Dialogue
Walk but faster

Developer Note

I made this game over a month, I'll definitely scope it a big smaller next time.
I was so happy to make this.  

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Updated 26 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, traumacore, webcore, weirdcore


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Fun game! The gameplay definitely felt like something I would have played on a ps1. Found the little easter egg.

I ran into a pretty big issue after leaving the house(shrine?) early. It forced me to restart the game but that isn't really the big issue of this game for me.

This game completely drops any and all subtlety at a certain point in the game just to tell us EXACTLY what has happened. While I'm not saying that things should be left to interpretation, I am saying that explicitly explaining the story through character dialogue is very odd and comes across inauthentic. 

The story isn't convoluted but the way characters are introduced and the way they drop exposition-bombs on the player totally crushes any atmosphere that was built.

It's worth playing this game, definitely. The art-style and characters are deceptively cute. It just felt like this game was a bit rushed in the end. 

Thanks for making games!

Welp, im drowned (fell from map) in tv world, i choosed this my ending.

It doesn’t work on MacOS 12.2.1 unfortunately

What a well-made short game. Love the overall aestethic. Thanks for this! 


really cool and well made game! 


Very interesting horror game! I loved the style of it and the story was very creepy. Thanks so much for sharing! 

I played this on my YouTube, if you're interested in seeing it in another tab then click here!

on launch in linux i see splash screen then black screen with wind sound. on pressing a space i see foot steps. sorry for bad english

it can be launched and played from wine but frames per seconds is down in this game. i think unity don’t like wine. make please linux support for real

I included Kuro @1:17:22 

I love PSX horror games. I love the graphics since it gives me a nostalgia feel since the camera angle is like Resident Evil. I love the storyline this game has, it’s very cute and very creepy at the same time. Definitely a great game to try out! ❤️

Please, check out my video on it that has jumpscares and funny moments in between, thank you in advance! ❤️

Creepy and cute game. 


Fantastic combination of cute and creepy, the story hits quite hard and I love the PSX era aesthetic! Awesome game all in all!


tysm!!! :>

A cute little lady gone mad.

this game is cute and creepy at the same time XD

This Got Dark Quick


Amazing artstyle!

Amazing atmosfere, I like the little history and good gameplay.

What a great game!

Cool game. Loved the story and the gameplay was really good. Great job.

Watch video here: 

(1 edit) (+1)

this game is cute and it reminds me a ton of old games I used to play. I love how it had a twist story and it was just overall very interesting. I feel like some of the camera stuff needs a little work but other than that it’s a great game. 

thank you so much for playing!! stay tuned for the full game release on steam!!


Game has a great story and some nice visuals. One complaint is that some of the camera angles are a bit confusing, but still fun to play.

I'll make sure to smooth them out!! Thank you so much for playing


Amazing story and solid gameplay! Nice job.

thanks :3

Of course, thanks for making it!


Wow. Great game. Love the PSX style graphics. The story is disturbing in a great way.

I'll do my best to extend it in a full game release :33 thanks!!

i tried to play but it wont work :( i can hear sounds but the screen goes black after loading in . im on mac  

the graphic style with the story is captivating, I really liked the short time of the game, it closes a lot with the lore proposal, very good I look forward to more games from you <3

thank you so much for the kind words! <3

this looks real awesome.. but i downloaded with itch app and get a black screen:( can still hear the audio tho



(◡‿◡✿) thanks

(◡‿◡✿) you're welcome!!!!!

This game is so cute, I love it!!!

Hello! Your game sure seems amazing , and that u puted alot work to it (by watching trailer) , but could you make this game avaible for Android? Not forcing just asking , thank you.

Sadly I cannot progress your game when I try to get pass the first part with putting the name MIU.

Hope the bugs can get fixed. love the look of the game < 3 ^^


oh! Sorry to hear that!
It's so strange, everything should be okay with Capitalization, did you download an older version of the game per chance ?
Try inputting "Miu", this works everytime!
Thank you for your time c:

 I did download this one, but I dunno. ^^' 

Again I am incredibly sorry. < 3 Don't mean to be of any trouble.

I am the one who apologizes! (。•́︿•̀。)
Are you pressing "Enter" key after typing your text? 
Does it work when inputting "Miu"? 
Sorry for all the trouble about this :((((( Glad you enjoyed the aesthetic!!!


I really enjoyed this game, the design and story is absolutely stunning!

thank you very much ;  -  ;

np, :D

great jobs


Enjoyed this game I was surprised that in the PSX style I was still able to get scared.. Keep up the good work!!

a cute little game, i enjoyed it!


The game looks good. I'll download it now!


A very cute and simple little horror game! The story telling was amazing albeit a little dark. It was enjoyable all the way through and I came across no issues whatsoever! Thank you for making this little horror experience!

I'm very glad you appreciated it!

(1 edit) (+1)

That ending was suprising for sure. Didn't expect to go that far. Thank you for the game.


Truly HAUNTED! Loved the narrative and atmosphere that was used in this PSX style game. The twist and reveal at the end was mind-blowing as well! GREAT GAME!

Great game. Every element was done perfectly.


The game and story is very interesting. I kinda wish we got to see the dad's side. But overall, not bad.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont


Great aesthetic and atmosphere, i loved it!

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